Clearness Ministry

Often, we face important decision points in our lives. Do I marry that person? Do I take that job? Do I go to that school? Do I start that ministry? Believing that God speaks through the community of His Holy Spirit, Tapestry offers a Clearness Ministry to assist people listen to God in times of choice.

The Quakers pioneered this ministry in their Clearness Committees, which were a group of mature Christians with the spiritual gift of discernment. The person facing the decision (the “presenter”) describes the decision and where they are in the process to the group while the group prayerfully listens to the presenter. Then there is a time of reflective silence where the group listens to God. Out of that silence, the members of the group then offers the presenter observations and questions for further reflection. No advice is given, and the presenter is not expected to answer any of the questions, just to take them away and pray through them.

This ministry is open to anyone, not just regular Tapestry participants. To meet with the Clearness Ministry team, please email